DentalRPA is the most powerful RPA framework on the Dental market

Accelerate your Dental business.

Easily accelerate your business digital transformation with DentalRPA.

We're first and only

RPA framework that democratizes and accelerates

your business digital transformation.

Many dental organizations tend to discard the idea of implementing RPA due to high costs of licenses, the needed infrastructure requirements and lack of qualified employees.

The idea of changing this paradigm encouraged us to become the first RPA framework that not only focuses on democratizing and accelerating dental offices' digital transformation, but also in optimizing our customer's ROI with low cost desktop licenses, broadening to Server Licenses that enable parallel execution process at no additional cost.

We make building and executing a robot in up to 30% less time than any other RPA framework, possible.

easy to use. flexible. open and agile.

Meet our products


With DentalRPA Studio you will be able to create trustworthy and limitless software robots. Push it further by adding free components from our Marketplace and downloading SAP integrations, object recorders and artificial intelligence functions.


With our orchestrator, you will be able to run processes, handle the workflow and you can get to know the architecture of its functioning and usage in real time, which allows you to control the processes and its results accurately.


With Exxperience you will be able to execute, next to your collaborators, processes under demand without the need of DentalRPA to be installed in your computer. You will be able to run comfortably a robot from any device, from anywhere and at any time.


Lots and lots of them.

When building your robots, you will be able to integrate various applications that will allow you to work faster and smarter. Connect your robots to e-mails, OCR solutions, SMS y much more.

Protecing the data

Let's talk about security.

We are concerned in maintaining high safety standards. That’s why we count on modules to encrypt password information that can be also saved in MS Windows credentials system. We count with modules to encrypt not only the robot but also the data communication between robots and the orchestrator.

  • AES in CBC mode with a 256 bits password for encryption; utilizing PKCS7.
  • HMAC using SHA256 for authentication.

The bots created in DentalRobot are encrypted when translated to production, protecting the whole code and each one of the variables that are used in it.

the power of the cloud.

Deploy your robots in seconds. With our Docker images and AWS WorkSpace distributions, you can put your robots on the cloud, which will help to reduce your infrastructure expenses.

Manage and control your robots at all times.

Orchestrate your robots.

With O.C. (Orchestrator Center) you can control your robots behavior and status 365 days a year. It integrates with the most popular operating systems as well as with most Cloud environments.

Images for your servers

Docker Images? You bet.

We have Docker images ready to be installed in servers or Cloud providers of Enterprise level, such as Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon. By default, the orchestrator raises Docker instance in our distributed cloud, which allows redundancy in the event of drops or loss of connection.

The orchestrator will be in charge of keeping the images running with the robot’s latest version and also of executing the scheduled tasks.

Amazon S3

WorkSpaces Amazon Images

We have WorkSpaces Amazon images to run and manage every robot. The merge between technology DentalRPA/WorkSpaces allows you to have a brand new environment, ready to work in a few minutes without having to worry about infrastructure.

The Orchestrator is ready to create, run and stop a WorkSpaces instance, saving both time and money.

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