For builders and developers only. Develop and build your own workflows and automations with the most powerful RPA platform on the dental market.
Designed for those that wish to Build by themselves.

What is DentalRPA?

DentalRPA is DentalRobot's edge RPA framework, built specifically for Dental practices, Groups and DSOs that wish to use our technology
to build their own Automations.
Options for infrastructure on the Cloud or on-Premises are available.

DentalRPA runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.

What's so different about DentalRPA?


Drag-n-Drop. Suggestions and more!

Cloud Management

Full fledged Cloud management control

One-click Extensions

Dead simple deployable extensions

Licensing? Free.

Development Licensing is free for all OS's.

What would you like to do first?


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Learn the in and outs of our platform. How to develop and create robots and workflows.

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Join us in our weekly webinars. We talk about upcoming features and hold Q&As!

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Feel the power. Build your Automations

With DentalRPA, you can use the power of our cloud infrastructure to build and deploy your robots and workflows in just seconds.

Save in costs using our Docker Images and AWS WorkSpaces.

create. run. control.

Learn the ins and outs of our full suite of products.
create your workflows. run tests and simulations.
control. anywhere.

shoot us a message.

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